The importance of an appropiate attention to the student body with high capacities it’s showed in international events that are held with certain periodicity and that gather subject specialists and in journals. (“que reúnen a especialistas del tema y en revistas especializadas”, está mal redactado, pero no sé a qué se referían con esa parte, así que lo traduje literalmente.)

The Group of Work and Investigation held in 2012 the I International Conference about Panoramic Intervention in High Capacities, that had place the days 27, 28 and 29 of February and 1 of March, gathering specialist from different countries: spain, Portugal, Holland, Mexico… all of them teams that nowadays are involved in a direct way with students with high capacities, through curricular and extracurricular programs.

The goals were:

-To offer information and formation about the extracurricular and curricular intervention with students with high capacities.

-To inform about the different theoric aspects of the high capacities (definition, models…).

-To announce the different studies realized in that topic.

-To offer information regarding the diagnostic of high intelectual capacities.